Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final Presentation

Domestic Violence
The cause & effect of the abuser and the abused:

I choose to do my final project on Domestic Violence; mostly on women/females but also pertaining to men and children. Violence is most common among females but is also high amongst children.

This is the information from my final project:

The official definition of Domestic Violence is: The acts of violence or abuse against a person living in one’s household, especially of one’s immediate family.
When you hear the word domestic violence, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
I used to in vision an abusive husband, mainly towards his wife, and the children are affected by the way he treats their mother and themselves. I get this image from movies and the media, go figure.

There are; however, many forms of domestic violence and abuse.

The Cycle of Violence demonstrates what an abuser does to the victim. Abusers normally become abusive from previous experiences that has happened in his/her life. Such as an abusive farther, was abused by his father. The pattern is normally not broken, since the abuser was raised with abuse, they will more then likely abuse.

When the abuse becomes apparent that the abuser does not care about the victim, and the power over the victim is more important.

Rhianna is a prime example of how women will go back to their abusers because they believe they “love” them and could not imagine there boyfriend/husband with another person. The victim keeps falling back into the trap of the “routine” of them apologizing, which reassures the victim that they really do love them.

Abusers will also become abusive if they are not confident, and believe their partner will leave them. This causes a possessive attitude and can cause an obsession feeling towards the victim.

Women , children and men will wear long sleeves , sweatshirts and long pants to cover their burses.

Most abusers will not hit in places that cannot be covered up, because they want the victim to be able to cover them.

The idea that victims have to wear clothes to cover their burses proves that they are ashamed to the abuser, which again gives them the “upper hand” and lets the abuser know they are the dominant one.

Each victim handles their abuse in a different way emotionally and also through their day to day life. Some become very private and ashamed of the situation.

Victims do not want people to know about their situation because it is embarrassing that this could be happening to them, so they stop talking to even their closest friends. They feel that if they do not communicate with their close friends and family, it will keep them safe.

I have never personally been exposed to physical abuse, but I have had family members exposed to such an act.
The outcome of such an act displayed on someone is traumatizing. The victim starts to believe that the abuse is actually because they did something wrong.
The individual can be the strongest person, that could say “this will never happen to me” but it can!

I believe that domestic violence, ties in with the class of gender and power, since a number of males believe they are higher then females, along with children. This is were domestic violence can come into play. The abuser feels the victim should be submissive to their needs and desires and without their consent, they become physical or emotionally abusive.

Domestic violence vs. Gender and Power plays a big role oh who is abused and who is the victim.

Most men are the abused, while women remain as the victim; however, there are some cases were women are the abusers, not only to their husbands, but to their children or family members.

Before I took the class Gender and Power, I believed that a number of men and women, will be abusive in many forms, to get their own way.

This class has proven to me that domestic violence is occurring all over the world.

The main issue proven from this class, and my previous thoughts is that gender around the world does play a role in one’s power. How each gender is supposed to achieve power, is very different for each person, being either male or female and in some cases transgender. This affects how one gains their power, from their gender.

My own class evaluation

What i have learned and taken away from the class: Gender & Power.

The class itself has opened my eyes to what life is like around the world, not just in my immediate surroundings. It seems as if i was almost naive of what the world is really like, even in my own "backyard". I knew what my beliefs were from primarily my own life experiences and the media.

Actually going into depth is such a world subject has brought me to undertsand and realize just how bad gender and power affects people in a day to day basis, primarily females. Females around the world are abused and treated w/o respect because they are seem as mearly there to please males and be submissive to their every desire. Not ALL men/males believe and feel this way, but the percentage that do have drastically changed how females are to be looked at and treated.

In the end, there is no soultion that will resolve these issues. It is going to take a long time, if there is a time at all, for women to be seen as equal to men in many parts of the world. The main Key for success is to never give up! Females and males will need to continue to fight for their rights and freedom in all aspects, to hopefully gain all their desires and freedoms.

I believe that everyone should be free and have their own beliefs; however, i was also raised in an environment where i have the freedom of speech, so you be the judge, what is right, what really is gender and power. Does a specific gender have the power over another, Does power come from a specific gender or is it a combination, both gender and power have total power not depending on either gender!?

Everyones views affects the outcome!

Final Power Point Presentations

I thought all of the Final Projects touched base with the class of how different aspects of the class Gender & Power can affect and influence peoples lives around the world. All the topics brought up in the power points prove that everyone has their own idea of what gender & power is. Influences such as how one is raised and the beliefs they are set to believe can influence how gender and power is influenced in ones life. The aspects of rank and privilege comes from religion, beliefs and family. From the beliefs of homosexuality, transgender individulas are accepted, to body image, control, domestic violence and power over ones own self is just a brief re-cap of some of the posibilitys of what gender and power can bring to ones own life and expectations.

From all the power points i took something away form the class, knowing that i have learned different view points of others and why they believe what they believe. The surroundings people grow up in, and the events they have had through out their life defines WHO they are & WHY they believe what they do!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Got Water ?

The article "Water" from WW has left me speachless. I had no idea that countries and villages around the world are not as fortunate as the Unites States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Austrailia and Russia.

The facts brought to my attention of how water can affect peoples lives all aroud the world, especcially women and girls, being the main targets of lnadequete water. After girls go trough puberty they a less likely to attend school or recieve an education. Concerning they are considered the "water haulers" of the world meaning on average women and girls in developing countries will walk six kilometers a day, carrying 20 liters of water, reducing the time they have to do other activites. Since most girls are the major factor of recieving the water, they of course have lower rates of participation in education, since they have to get the water for their family and themselves.

I have a bittersweet feeling from this article, being happy that i am further educated on the issue around the world and sad for the facts themselves.

This tragic water issue around the world reminds me of when i took a day trip to Mexico by the border of San Deigo, where their was extream poverty. The water they drank was polluted, it looked like a dirty swamp.

This article and that day trip made me realize how fortunate i am, and that i should not take the "simple" things in life for granted, when they could mean life or death for others, all around the world.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who would have guessed?

WW: Households; Pg's. 22 & 23

While reading over the "households" article in the WW's book, I found it interesting that women are the head of the household by 85% in certain areas around the world, consisting of the women being the lone parent. It was also interesting to read, that more people are living alone, because of unmarried adults and elderly woman. I would have thought that the only reason women were the head of the house is if there was a significant number of single mothers in the United States, which is true for most households that are single mothers.

I noticed that most of the households that are strictly gay or lesbian couples are only on the coast across the Unites States. There are few if not any gay or lesbain couples on the inner states. I was thinking this could be because most inner states may be against gay marriages and do not allow couples to publicly show themselves.

Realizing that a number of households around the world have women running the house was a suprise to me since, i was taught that in other parts of the world, women have to be submissive to their husbands and males in general. There is a very high percentage of women who are head of the household in Euorpe, the United Kingdom, Africa and Brazil!

Many households around the world are shrinking in size, where most of Africa families average from 4 to 6 people and the US is fewer then 3.

I find this article to be interesting with all the information givin that this is a gender and power class, that in the US we usually learn that men of different countries are the ones in charge. Not, neccisarily in the US but around the world, women/females have very little say or no rights at all. Knowing that women around the world are gaining their own rights and freedom is another step in the right direction for other countries to recignize that women can and will prospure.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


February 11th:

I was not expecting the movie to be so visual, or emtional to watch. The movie definitly gave me a new view on how females are looked at from a (many) males perspective, specifically how the media portrayes how females should act and what is expected of them.

The movie it self made me feel uncomfertable at times, and it was also somewhat hard to watch. I do not understand why some men feel it is ok to dominate women. The sceen in the movie that has stuck with me to this day, and affects me the most from the film, was when the rape sceen of the female was taking place in the bar with only males around. I felt so angry and infuriated, when it is obvious one of the males did not agree with or like what was going on. He continued to stand and watch with what was happening to the female, while the whole time he did not like the situation at all! WHY did he NOT stop it, or even try to say ANYTHING to the other males! WHY! He knows it was wrong, they all did! He did not have enough courage to tell the other men to stop because it would make him appear weak! ( in relation to what Katz was saying from the movie "Tough Guise", how men have to feel they are better then other men and have to always appear supirior over other men). How far would it have to go for one of the males to say NO, stop, this is wrong. None of them did!

I think that i get so emotional and upset about this because i put myself in what that situation might be like and if i needed help and none of them did anything just because they were affraid the other guys or their "friends" would look down on them i would livid! Stand up for what you believe and feel is right, you have nothing to loose. This could be contradicting because the men who believe females should be submissive to males would agrue that what they did was not wrong because they believe it is how males are allowed to act and treat women.

Women are Human beings, just like males. we have just as much rights, safety and freedom as males!

Other clips from the movie also opened my eyes to what the "real world" is like outside of what seems to be my sheltered life.

I realize and understand people are brought up differently and this can affect what they believe is right or wrong or sociely acceptable or not, which causes all the underlying problems of how females are treated in the world today, along with how males feel they should be acting or striving to reach. An unreachable goal to "conquer" females. The battle is tough, and will only get worse while females strive to be desired and males strive to over power women, it seems it will be a never ending cirlce. Females want to be looked at and desired, but also respected. Males want females to be their women on the side for whenever, however they want them.

In the end this will never work for either party. Males need to respect females and females should consider taking males needs into consideration and coming up with a compramise.

Without this key element, there will continue to be unhappy males and females.

Son Preference

The reading from February 9th:

My inicial reaction to this reading was how unfair some countries treat females. I find it hard to understand how parents and governments could not want their child if it was a female, or how they could intentionally kill their daughter(s), to have a son. Males are taught in countries such as South Korea, India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan that they are a higher economic value then females. Females

Sex ratios across the world, prove that son preference is desired.

From this reading i learned that son preference is desired not only as a first child but in generl. Many faimlies do not want to have females because they are of lesser value. The only reason to have a female in the family is to get something out of it such as marriage, a dowery, and inhrtitence practices. This gives females a higher economic value.

Questions that i have thought about while reading this article:

I wonder how this makes females feel all across the world. They must know they are undesired and not worth anything. How do they see themselves? Are females used to being looked down upon, or looked at as nothing? How does this affect them emotionally? Are they stable because they were raised this way, or do they know and understand this is unfair, or feel depressed from being put down constently.